Domiciliary care services

Our Domiciliary service provides specific time schedules for clients in their own homes. The visit usually begin from 30 minutes up to how many hours you require based on your needs. We however do not accept 15 minutes Visits. Based on your needs, Our Visits may be four calls spaced around the day at times suitable to you e.g. Morning, Lunch, Tea and Bed or Three times a day, Morning, Lunch, Tea/Bed visit, Twice a day (Morning and Bed Only) and finally One visit a day

Other service within our Domiciliary Services include;

Sit in services: This is to provide a break for you as a main carer to your loved from your caring role. Sit service usually begin from 2 Hours. This can help when you need to go to the bank, shops and appointments. Our carer will stay with your loved ones while you go out and will engage them with meaningful activities of choice.

Social Inclusion: This is similar to Sit in service but with a difference. Carer will take your loved one out to access the community for social purposes i.e Bingo, swimming and other creative activities of choice away from home.

Practical Assistance: This service is a specialist service that aim to empower and promote your independence in your own home. A carer will visit you at a scheduled agreed time which could be once a week or once a fortnight to support you with domestic chores such as; laundry, Cleaning and general tidying up, admin work i.e writing & posting of letters, shopping (you can either go together or do it online together). Please see for our specialist cleaning services for people living with people disability and are deemed to be vulnerable in the society.

All the above services can cater for up to 12 hours visit whether day or night time.