frequently asked questions

There may be rare occasions when your care support worker is unable to visit, because of illness or circumstances beyond their control. We will always make contact with you beforehand, in such cases & arrange a replacement care support worker preferably someone you have met before and we will provide you with the name of the care support worker who will be visiting you.

Our carers Have Regular Support from managers and Chenash Homecare also values and promotes peer support especially during new carers induction stage.

What if I don’t want to sign a long term contract?

Chenash Homecare Specialists & Care Agency offer flexible care services / packages. We do long term contracts, short term contracts, interim contracts as well as one off care services. This gives you the flexibility to choose which service you want. Emergency packages are also available. Please ring up our office to discuss any of the above services / packages.

Do you do short visits?

Our visits start from 30 minutes to 24 hours live in care. We offer morning, afternoon and night time visits. We also offer waking night; where a carer can come and stay with you overnight if you require a significant level of support at night as well as sleep in night. This ensures that you have someone you can call up for assistance, up to three times per night, should this be required.

How do you screen your care support workers?

All our carers go through a rigorous assessment process before any offer of employment. This includes a face to face interview, written assessments and criminal record checks. We always ensure that our carers are up to date with their training, including annual refresher courses. We conduct regular spot checks with all our carers to ensure that they are practising in a professional manner & this also gives us the opportunity to ensure that you are happy with our services. All our staff have regular supervision to offer support & are all expected to have annual appraisals.

What if your Care support worker is late?

We hope such occurrences will not cause any inconvenience to your care package / services. In such cases, however, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know of the care support worker’s revised arrival time or provide you details of the new care support worker who will be visiting you.

What if you don’t get on with your care support worker?

We appreciate that dynamics may arise when two people meet and if for any reason you and your care support worker do not get on, please let the Registered Manager know as soon as possible, so that we can make speedy arrangements to find you a new care support worker.

Do your staff wear uniform?

Chenash Homecare Specialists & Care Agency staff do wear blouse/Top/T-shirt with our company details written on them at times. On occasions when our staff are not wearing our company blouse/top/T-shirt, we advise them to dress in a presentable / professional manner at all times. If it is your preference for our staff not to wear our company blouse/top/t-shirt, to dress in a more relaxed manner permanently or just on certain occasions, then please let us know and we will endeavour to meet your requirements. All our staff are required to have their work ‘I.D.’ cards for identification purposes at all times. Please feel free to ask them to show you their ‘I.D.’ card, if they are not wearing this.