Complex Care

Our complex care packages include Alzheimer’s and dementia care, Mobility assistance including hoisting, Medication prompting; assistance and administration, Parkinson’s disease care, PEG feeding and RIG feeding, Cancer care, Motor Neurone Disease care, Cerebral Palsy care, Diabetes care, Epilepsy care, Multiple Sclerosis care, End of life care, Respite care, Stoma care, Feeding, Toileting, Complex needs care, Dressing, rehabilitation and post hospital discharge.

Following a careful assessment of your health and social care needs. We will develop a comprehensive person-centred plan of care based on the identified needs. Your care plan is regularly reviewed to ensure its suitability to your health and social care needs.

Our complex care service is most suited to individuals who:

  • Have been discharged from hospital and have health and social care needs that need to be continually monitored.
  • Have complex care needs and are dependent on life sustaining technology.
  • Suffer from degenerative conditions and have on-going care needs.
  • Are in hospital wards such as intensive care or high dependency units and are due to return home, faced with a long-term recovery process.
  • Have physical or learning disabilities and require long-term support in their home.