Holiday Care

If you are going on holiday, we can provide a Nurse or Care Support Worker to accompany you wherever you are going, whether abroad or local. Your carer will offer you support throughout your holiday period based on your specific interim care plan while you are on holiday. This service will offer reassurance to both yourself and your significant others that there’s help at hand when needed throughout your holiday.

There will be a specific care plan designed to meet your holistic needs whilst you are on holiday. This will be done in conjunction with yourself, your gp, significant family members, Chenash Homecare Specialists & Care Agency and any other professional who may have input in your care.

Our other services included within this package:

In-Flight Care

Should there be any need for you to have a qualified nurse with you on your journey i.e to administer certain medication or any other medical intervention, we can arrange a qualified nurse to travel with you and offer any intervention needed during your flight. Your Carer/Nurse will be on hand to attend to you throughout the duration of your holiday.

Call-Out Service

If you are on holiday within the UK and you’ve travelled without your carer but find yourself requiring some assistance, we may assist via our call-out service. A Nurse or Care Support Worker (as required) may be provided to offer you the support that you need.

Who is this service for?

This service aim to offer support to individuals who require assistance with their activities of daily living whilst on holiday.

Carer Respite

Chenash Homecare Specialists can provide respite care ranging from few hours to as long as the carer sees fit. We can provide a Nurse or Care Support Worker who can look after the needs of your loved one based on a care plan agreed between the client, yourself and ourselves after a comprehensive assessment. You will also have the opportunity to meet with your ‘stand in-interim Carers’ before the care package commences.

Other things to consider

In cases where we are not involved in the booking process of your holiday. You will need to make sleeping arrangements, food provision and provide an adequate level of holiday insurance in order for a Nurse or Support Worker to come away with you.


This service is client led, it aims to provide company for individuals who are able to carry out part or most of their daily chores but are lonely and socially isolated. Chenash Homecare Specialists & Care Agency can provide you with a suitable qualified nurse or Care Support Worker (as deemed appropriate) who can closely work with you to alleviate your social isolation.

What is Included in the Service?


Your carer/nurse will spend time with you doing the things that you enjoy doing most. This could include, watching television, going for a walk, looking through family albums, reading to or with you, sitting and chatting and many more. Having someone to sit and reminisce with may be just the thing you need to brighten up your day.

Household Activities

Chenash Homecare Specialists & Care Agency recognise the significance of their client’s Independence and autonomy but value the idea that you many also need assistance with daily household activities. This may include changing bed linen, dusting, washing of kitchen dishes, laundry, hovering, ironing, meal preparation, food shopping and many more . All these are activities that our Care Support Workers can assist you with.

Daily Routine

Our service recognises the fact that daily routines differ from individual to individual and likewise appreciate that some people will need more support and assistance in managing their daily routines. In this regard, our care support workers are more than happy to assist in things like reminders for vital appointments, bill payment reminders, medication reminders, feeding of pets and many more. No routine/task is too small or any less important to our staff.

Day Trips Out

Our ‘Day Trips Out’ service also known as ‘Outings’ will cater from short day-to-day outings to specific places of interest which you may desire to visit. As long as you notify us, our staff are happy to assist you with the planning of your local trip, including transportation of any mobility aids, e.g. walking sticks, Zima frames, scooters etc & will support you when you are out of your home. Our staff will be more than happy to accompany you on such trips, allowing you as well as your family to relax & be assured that you are being looked after whilst out on your trip.

Social Activities

Chenash Homecare Specialists & Care Agency recognises the importance of partaking in activities of daily living & how this positively influences every individual’s health and as such part of our philosophy is to encourage your engagement in social activities. Our staff will be happy and always on hand to support you wherever possible through these activities, e.g. attendance to social clubs, etc.

Who is this service for?

This ‘companionship service’ is highly recommended for those who need someone to offer support when ever it is needed. For loved ones, it provides peace of mind, even when they are unable to visit our client frequently, as they will know that we have their loved one’s best interests at heart. The services we offer are tailored to your requirements & will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that we are still meeting your needs effectively. Our staff will offer support via their company with you, including support with household and social activities.